A few words about us

A SNOW Gelato Story

SNOW was born on Cycladic soil in 2021.
What we cherished most from our childhood came and completed the story behind it. With each flavour, we promise you the opportunity to feel the essence of nostalgia and innovation, a true labor of love.

We source daily pure ingredients from local small producers and early in the morning, we start the process.
Our main ingredients are Mykonian milk, seasonal fruits combined with dedication and daring taste inventiveness.

Rich and dreamy flavors that change daily in a constant value.

We invite you to visit SNOW in Little Venice, enjoying intense handmade Gelato and Sorbet overlooking the boundless blue of the Aegean.

chocolate fountain SNOW GELATO
chocolate fountain SNOW GELATO
snow gelato in waffle cone SNOW GELATO
flavours SNOW GELATO

Made in House

All our products are exclusively crafted by us, from the flavors of Gelato and Cone, to the Waffles and Soft Yoghurt.
As we explore and create new flavors and products constantly our menu will be updated accordingly.

Its flavors and colors come only from the seasonally available raw materials.

Sugar From Grapes

in our products

Grape sugar is a natural product, which exists only in liquid form and is obtained from grape must. It consists of fructose, glucose, secondary sugars and sweet polyalcohols, with a caloric power of 267 kCal per 100gr.

It’s taste and aroma is slightly fruity, but does not cover the flavors of gelato, in fact, it enhances both classic and fruit flavors. Its natural composition makes it an excellent choice for handmade gelato, giving the softest and silky texture, which extends over time!


Fresh milk, cream, seasonal fruit and grape sugar. All fresh and of high quality, combined with locust bean and pectin as stabilisers.