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Sugar from grapes

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Snow Gelato

Snow pure gelato. A story which started in 2021 with one goal, one dream: trying to make the purest and high quality gelato! Choosing the best that nature can offer, snow products are made with care, using high end technologies and only natural ingredients, easily recognizable by the consumer, for a gelato & sorbet with impeccable taste and structure.

As a result, we have the purest and most tasteful Gelato!

Only natural ingredients

One philosophy, two impeccable versions. The gelato & sorbet we make, consists only of exceptionally selected natural ingredients, without vegetable fats, emulsifiers and complex stabilisers. Fresh milk, cream, eggs, seasonal fruit and grape sugar. All fresh and of high quality, combined with locust bean and pectin as stabilisers. As a result, we have the purest and most tasteful gelato!

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Snow gelato & sorbet are products with a "clean" label. They are produced without the use of flavorings, colors, preservatives or emulsifiers, consisting of simple and natural ingredients, meeting the needs of today's consumers in the best and highest quality way. Its flavors and colors, therefore, come only from the seasonally available raw materials, which are produced by our suppliers without the use of additives.


With Sugar From Grapes

Grape sugar is a natural product, which exists only in liquid form and is obtained from grape must. It consists of fructose, glucose, secondary sugars and sweet polyalcohols, with a caloric power of 267 kCal per 100gr. It’s taste and aroma is slightly fruity, but does not cover the flavors of gelato, in fact, it enhances both classic and fruit flavors. Its natural composition makes it an excellent choice for handmade gelato, giving the softest and silky texture, which extends over time!

No added sugar

Pure & Fresh Ingredients

Gelato jars

Classic desserts into gelato jars

We all do love a classic well made dessert! At Snow, we decided to take all these loved classic recipes and turned them into something new, refreshing and delicious! Every gelato jar has its own classic character but with a gelato twist and pure ingredients.


gelato jar

Italian dessert tiramisu has always been our favourite! Turning it into a magical jar with pure gelato would enhance its unique taste of of coffee-dipped ladyfingers with sweetened mascarpone cream and dusted with cocoa!

"Black Forest"

gelato jar

Black Forest is a traditional German dessert made with chocolate sponge cake layers, filled with whipped cream and cherries. We could left this desert behind so, we added creamy vanilla gelato, soft sponge cake cubes and the best cherry topping with slices of dark chocolate! Definitely a must try!