rich and creamy


no preservatives and colorings

Sugar from grapes

in our products



SNOW Gelato is here to take you on an authentic Italian journey right through your senses. Imagine a world where each flavour of gelato is a passage to strong emotions.
Our recipes include a wide range of flavours, spanning from classic options like pistachio to others made exclusively with top-quality locally sourced ingredients.

But what truly sets us apart?
It's not just the ingredients; it's the heart and soul we pour into every batch.

At SNOW, we’re not just making gelato; we’re creating memories, igniting joy, and kindling those heartwarming moments you'll remember for years to come.


Local products at SNOW.

At SNOW, we take pride in creating a taste of Mykonos through our locally inspired and locally sourced ingredients. Our dedication to excellent quality starts with our choice of partners – we've formed strong bonds with producers who provide us with the freshest milk, ensuring a creamy and rich base for our gelato.

We believe in celebrating the changing seasons of Mykonos, which is why we handpick the finest seasonal fruits to infuse our gelato with vibrant and at the same time, natural flavors.


What our lovely customers have to say for SNOW products...

Tasted uncommon flavors with local ingredients that are sure to impress.

Aikaterini R.


SNOW gelato & Sorbet are products with a "clean" label.

They are produced without the use of flavorings, colors, preservatives or emulsifiers, consisting of simple and natural ingredients, meeting the needs of today's consumers in the best and highest quality way.
Its flavors and colors, therefore, come only from the seasonally available raw materials, which are produced by our suppliers without the use of additives.


Gelato is...

...characterized by its creamy texture.
If you're wondering about the differences between gelato and classic ice cream, it's that gelato is not frozen as solidly. While both come out of the freezer, gelato is served at a slightly higher temperature. This gives it a more velvety texture.

Additionally, its preparation differs from that of ice cream. Generally, Gelato requires more milk and has less fat, which contributes to its melt-in-the-mouth quality.
Gelato's lower fat content is attributed to its slower churning process, resulting in a denser and more intensely flavored frozen treat compared to traditional ice cream.

At SNOW Gelato, all our ingredients are...

Just raw and pure

All are fresh

Flavours of Italy

Tradition and Innovation

Our gelato is a celebration of culture and creativity. It's a testament to our commitment to crafting the finest gelato that satisfies your cravings while honoring the Italian heritage of this beloved treat.
Our gelato artisans are explorers of flavor, constantly pushing the boundaries of taste.



Natural colours, soft and smooth on the taste. Every flavour at SNOW in Mykonos is recognizable in its individuality and they have their own personality.
In our list of ingredients there are no chemical acronyms and additives.

The process


The artisanal gelato manufacturing process comprises a series of steps, beginning with the receipt of raw materials, followed by quality assessment and the blending of these ingredients with others, culminating in the creation of the delectable final product ready for your enjoyment.
At SNOW, behind every new flavor is a meticulous process of testing and perfecting, ensuring an unforgettable experience that marries innovation with the essence of authentic gelato.